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Hey friends, my name is Ashleigh! Welcome to my world! First, thank you so much for being a supporter of the Good Mourning Podcast. You have no idea how much this truly means! I believe that people who chose to support in any kind of way are special, so again…I appreciate you!

Here’s a little insight about who I am. I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. God gave me some amazing family! My mom is literally the G.O.A.T, and my two older brothers are something like superheroes! I have two beautiful sisters-in-love (no in-law over here) and I have 5 little people that call me “Auntie.”

I am a believer, as I am sure that you have already realized. I believe that God is my source and that He NEVER fails. I am also a published author, and educator, entrepreneur and mentor…whew! So, as you can imagine adding “podcast creator and host’ to my very full plate has been an interesting yet GOOD transition for me! I am new at this, so be easy on me! I am thoroughly enjoying providing you all with weekly content, and It is my hope and prayer that something life changing is said each time.



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Life is filled with swift TRANSITIONS, and sometimes we are unaware of how to navigate through those seasons. You can MOURN things other than death. Broken friendships, divorce, job transitions, and life's unfulfillment can cause you to doubt that GOOD is existent. The truth is it has been present the entire time. So, let me help you find the good in your life's transitions. You will not regret coming along for this journey!

Good Mourning Podcast

Season 4 

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Season 4  now available on Youtube. Click the icon to visit my channel.

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